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Sons of Chaos: For the Fans of Game of Thrones – Graphic Novel Review

ByGeno 3 days ago

By Geno McGahee

I was not familiar with the Greek War of Independence, but I am now, after reading the graphic novel “SONS OF CHAOS”. It immediately felt like GAME OF THRONES as I thumbed through the pages of this oversized book and it is a beautiful thing through and through. It’s not just about reading it. It’s a piece of art in and of itself and I guess that is the point.

Written by Chris Jaymes, this is definitely a passion project and you can sense that. I realized it as I read along and Jaymes storytelling is very good. There is so much attention to detail within this book and the illustrations by Ale Aragon are done so well. After reading through it, I found myself just admiring the artistry of the images. Jaymes and Aragon brought their best to this project and it shows. Presentation is everything and it’s got that going for it in a big way. As it sat on my coffee table after I read it, many of my guests would inquire about it and then give into the impulse to open it and check it out.

SONS OF CHAOS brings a lot of different elements together, mixing history with some storytelling and relating it to modern day in a lot of subtle ways. This is just a unique book and experience for the reader. As I said earlier, I was not familiar with the Greek War of Independence but now I can say that it was a definite interesting time in history. I highly recommend this book!