Geek Chic Elite PodCast with Chris Jaymes

The Geek Chic Elite Podcast spoke with Chris Jaymes this week on his new graphic novel, Sons of Chaos.

He’s written, produced, directed and acted in a number of projects including Lost, Netflix’s Bad Samaritans, The Human Common and Boxing Day. But his latest venture pulls upon the spirit that’s made movies like 300, and tv shows like Game of Thrones so popular. Penning his first graphic novel as a joint venture for IDW Publishing and Penguin Random House, Chris Jaymes goes down to the heart in exploring the Greek War of Independence in Sons of Chaos.

Sons of Chaos is a sprawling 192 page graphic novel with complimentary art by industry veteran Ale Aragon. I spoke with Chris on the day the book was released into the ether about the present-day implications of this war that took place 200 years ago, it’s modern day current event counterparts and the writing process.

To Listen to the podcast:…mes/dp/1684054796