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RICH REVIEWS: Sons of Chaos

by Richard Vasseur

Title: Sons of Chaos (HC)
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Creator: Chris Jaymes
Author: Chris Jaymes
Artist: Ale Aragon

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


The Ottoman Empire has ruled over Greece but its 1821 and change has come.
The art s gorgeous done with nice subdued colors. The expressions are intense.

“Book One Chapter One: Childhood”  There is so much violence and people are killing each other with no remorse. The scenes are illustrated to show off how violent it is even though there is not a lot of blood and guts. Marcos is the son of Kitsos Botsaris a leader. It is easy to see his father does love him even though he does not have his father’s skills.

“Book One Chapter Two” The Sultan’s forces led by one of the evilest men alive lay slaughter to the forces of the Greeks. They stop at nothing and kill all. Women and children the church itself they let nothing stand them from their murderous rampage. The leader had it all planned out. Such a man is just pure unadulterated evil
“Book One Chapter Three” Now Ali this evil leader has off a lot of the rebels. Yet he wants them all and will do whatever it takes. Marcos is in a situation he can not control. His father leaves him a prisoner. His father does still love him. Just he has no choice. You can feel the intense emotions in this story. Then we skip ahead 10 years.

“Book One Chapter Four” Muhktar is Ali’s son and he does take after his father in his cruelty towards others. Eleni risks much to help Marcos. Both are in danger where they are. In this court inside the palace, many are mistreated. So it is interesting to see one treated with justice from Ali.

“Book Two Chapter One: Adolescence” Ali and his son Muhktar are at odds. Meanwhile Marcos trains and becomes better. He is starting to become the man his father knew he could be. He does grow and realizes he has a purpose in life.

“Book Two Chapter Two” Marcos is showing everyone including himself just what he is capable of doing. The Turks are illustrated so well just as you might imagine them. The art is soft yet conveys how hard the Turks are.
“Book Two Chapter Three” Here you can feel the building of tension as things move towards a battle for freedom. And Ali he makes you wish you could see him die slowly and painfully. You will find it hard to believe he is just a man with all the evil inside of him.

“Book Three Chapter One: Manhood” Well all the pieces on the chessboard are moving. A huge battle is coming and you will be anticipating it. Things just keep moving along and you are sweep along with it.
“Kitsos.” The Sultan’s army approaches and Marcos is overwhelmed by how many ships are coming. The Greeks are outnumbered.
“Book Three Chapter Two” Muhtar and Marcos meet and battle over Eleni. Muhtar is ruthless in battle. Marcos fights hard for the one he loves. You will feel so sad for all of these people. All have had a tragic life.
“And Now”
“Ali” Here we see the final confrontation between Ali and Marcos. Ali was a master manipulator. He was willing to do anything and use everyone to achieve his goals. The man has never been fully sane. The more he talks the more you know this.
“And I Would Soon Follow”

“Book Three Chapter Three”
“Marcos” War is never good and all involved suffer. Poor Marcos he fought so hard. He proved himself a good uncle in the end. He was also a great leader and his father was proud of him.
Reading this book you will realize just how tragic war is and how it affects the individuals.
You can tell the work and love that went into making this book. The writer and artist both put so much of themselves into it. It is an epic tale.

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