Note From the Author


The fact that you’re reading this is already a good sign, so thank you for being here.

The subject of 1821 and the Greek War for Independence is extensive and after compiling a few thousands pages of research, deciphering the truth of the events is a subjective process. In every retelling of history you are basing your information on research and interpretation.

Facts can rarely be determined as absolute,
and most accounts don’t add up.

In truth, we will never know exactly what happens in the past, but we hope those that attempt the re-telling have an integrity that overshadows bias.

Based on what I was able to conclude, there is far more fact in Sons of Chaos than there is fiction.

Yes, elements are changed for storytelling purposes, and liberties were taken, as they must be to fit a format that demands certain parameters.

The vast amount of stories and characters involved in this war, would require numerous volumes to tell all of them thoroughly, so you might see Sons of Chaos as an introduction to a Revolution that has been somewhat overlooked, and yet, defined the world we now know.

In Summary…

I am not a Historian, but hold the integrity of these events portrayed here with the utmost respect.

My hope is that Sons of Chaos will introduce this extraordinary undertaking and stimulate a growing curiosity to the Greek War for Independence…

And hope more than anything you enjoy the experience that has been meticulously belabored for quite some time, in honor of those that sacrificed so much,
that we may often take for granted.

Chris Jaymes